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Out of the Shadows - Reunion

CHE hosted a reunion on the 27th of November 2010 for everyone who contributed to the book Out of the Shadows or was involved in any of the London gay groups in the 20th century.

The event was at the Friends Meeting House, 173 Euston Road, London NW1 2BJ, opposite Euston Station  (and see our flyer about the event).

We're still trying to contact a number of people who were mentioned in the book, but who we don't currently have contact details for. If you can help to put us in touch, or know anything about a person's whereabouts, or if you're the person in question, please contact

The list is as follows:

Name Group
Aldred, Ron WAGS
Atkins, Simon Jewish Gay Group
Baird, Bob Wandsworth-Richmond
Beales, Albert GLF
Bigelow, Rev Tom MCC
Bonham, Steve Schools Out
Bradley, Peter Gay Teachers Group
Brand, John GLF
Buchanan, Eric WAGS
Clarke, Rev Jane MCC East London
Clayton, Ian Streatham
Cooper, Howard 3F
Craig, John Streatham
Cuthbert, Rev John LGCM
Dodd, Jean WAGS
Duffy, Maureen GALHA
Duncan, Alex Pimpernel
Dunham, Veronica GLF
Easson, Angus LMG
Everett, Tony Croydon
Ferguson, Ian Friend
Fuller, Jane Croydon
George, Martin CHE
Goldsmith, Mike WAGS
Green, Fred Wandsworth-Richmond
Greenhall, Bill Wandsworth-Richmond
Hardy, Antony WAGS
Harrington, Steve Streatham
Henderson, Neil Ealing
Henderson, Rev Andrew SK
Hitcham, Peter Southwark-Lambeth
Hollings, Fr Michael Quest
Howard, Francis Streatham
Howes, Keith Gay News
John, Rev Keith 3F
Jones, Timothy SLAGO
Jones, Tommy WAGS
Jotham, Gregory WAGS
Knight, Paul
Konrath, Tony KRAGS
Launder, Mike Friend
Littleton, Dudley WAGS
Lucas, Tim Schools Out
MacEwan, Iain WAGS
Mackrell, Bill SK
Mason, Michael LMG
Mathewson, John Lewisham
Micklewright, Charlie Wandsworth-Richmond
Middlebrook, John Wandsworth-Richmond
Nicholas, Richard CHE Group 13
Noble, Terry SK
Parkes, Ian Streatham
Patrick, Robert Croydon
Payne, Drew 2F
Penny, Howarth LMG
Peters, Colin Croydon
Pitcher, Suki Harrow
Power, Lisa GLF
Ransom, Clive Streatham
Sanders, Jonathan GALHA
Saxby, John LMG
Smith, Laurie Bromley
Spence, Christopher SK
Stephens, Michael Quest
Stephens, Trevor GLF
Story, Rev Gill MCC
Strivens, Duncan Bromley
Sutherland, Rev Pressley MCC
Swerdlow, Alan Friend
Tan, Rev Hong MCC
Taylor, Rev Ken MCC
Thorneycroft, Bill Icebreakers
Konrath, Tony KRAGS
Warburton, John Schools Out
Watkins, David Schools Out
Weston, Philip LMG
Winterton, Nick Streatham