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Agreement between Constituent Organizations of SLAGO


1.  SLAGO (Surrey and London Association of Gay Organizations) respects the complete independence of member organizations and aims to:

  1. promote social contact, co-operation and mutual support between them
  2. promote together the principle that homosexual men and women have the right to be treated equally with heterosexuals both at law and in society.

Liaison Committee

2.  There shall be a SLAGO liaison committee meeting at least quarterly with the date of the next meeting normally being fixed at the preceding one.

3.  Each constituent organization shall appoint one or more delegates, but shall have only one vote (however see 4 below).

4.  The liaison committee shall normally take decisions by consensus of opinion (ie general agreement) rather than by majority votes.

5.  If a constituent organization is not represented at a liaison meeting, then any decisions taken shall be conveyed to the absent delegates at the earliest opportunity normally by circulation of the minutes

6.  At SLAGO liaison committee meetings there shall be a quorum of 4 represented organizations/groups, and at SLAGO sub-committee meetings a quorum of 3 represented organizations/groups


7.  Sub-committees may be set up by the liaison committee for the organization of special events and activities, and shall report back to every liaison committee meeting.


8.  The liaison committee, consisting of delegates selected annually by the constituent organizations, shall appoint an Honorary President and Treasurer. Sub-committees shall have their own organizers appointed by and responsible to the liaison committee.

9.  The Chairperson of the liaison committee shall be appointed from amongst its own members.

10. These appointments shall be by consensus and can be changed whenever the liaison committee so wishes.


11. Constituent organizations with more than 30 members shall be asked to contribute an agreed sum, to be determined annually by the liaison committee and held by the SLAGO treasurer. The SLAGO account (with two signatories from different organizations to sign the cheques) shall be audited each March/April by an independent auditor and outgoings shall be made to cover essential expenditure only

Future changes

12. Amendments may be made to this agreement, and new organizations admitted, after discussion at the liaison committee, becoming effective when the constituent organizations have all agreed.